"When you meet a photographer that makes you smile--like a real smile--not a fake one to show how cool you are. Thank you for being so sweet during #NYFW2016, and for sending me this pic. Instagram friends: if you're looking for a portrait #photographer that makes you feel like a million bucks, Mark is your guy!"

    ~ "MizzFit" Bianca Jade


"Mark is the best"

"Omg!!! We went crazy. They were amazing. Thank you thank you thank you so much. (about her daughter's engagement and bridal shower books)"

    ~ Sondra Celli, Designer - Sondtra Celli Company


"When I wanted to start modeling, I had trouble figuring out where to start. I contacted some photographers with no luck until I met Mark Johnson, who helped me build my portfolio, launch a website, and even got me set up with my first modeling job. While I have had a lot of “highlights” from strutting the runway to seeing myself in calendars and magazines, I’d have to say meeting such a great photographer and friend was the best of them."

~ Elvira Model


"Hi Mark, I hope you are enjoying these posters as much as we enjoyed working with you! The image is perfection! Thank you for your commitment to excellence. We appreciate you!"

    ~ Tracy Sormanti - Director, New England Patriots Cheerleaders


"I️ got lucky to work with Mark Johnson! He is great. Amazingly professional and very talented photographer! He knows what he’s doing and he makes you feel so comfortable during photoshoots! He can get any emotion from you that he needs for the picture in a matter of seconds! Or maybe cos I’m very emotional too hahaha And he makes you look very good in pictures which is important cos I’ve worked with many photographers before and not all of them make you look good in the pictures haha He’s very passionate about what he’s doing and you can feel it! I️ hope to shoot with him more!"

~ Alena Sapezhinskayte


"Mark, it truly was wonderful to meet you. I can see why you are such a great are kind, patient, creative, funny, and so much more. Caelyn is my shyest child, but she was very comfortable with you. As soon as I got in the car when it was time to leave she said, "Mom, today was a great day, thank you so much."

    ~ Jessica Calhoun


"Mark has an amazing eye for beautiful pictures. Very professional and easy going. I have worked with Mark twice and I ALWAYS have trouble picking my favorite pictures. He does a great job with direction and making sure you get the photos you want. I definitely recommend Mark and hope to work with him again."

    ~ Fit Christine Martin



"Mark makes his clients/models feel very comfortable, safe, and confident In the quality of images they will be receiving.

Mark has a variety of studio contacts and many gorgeous outdoor locations available to him.

The best photographer to shoot with for originality and creative concepts."

    ~ Brittany Catore



"I just received the photos- THEY ARE PHENOMENAL! My Husband says he's never seen such Beautiful Work!"

    ~ Desise Dunbar



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